Santa Cruz Blue Star Moms is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. If you would like to support any of our projects, tax-deductible monetary donations ca be sent to:


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we are pROUD                     mILITARY MOMS            

dues are $30 per year for all members AND ARE DUE SEPTEMBER 1, 2017


No dues are required for Dads & Associates


Santa Cruz Blue Star Moms

P.O. Box 66161

Scotts Valley, CA 95067


Blue Star Associates


A spouse, sister, brother, grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousin, or friend of someone who is serving in the Armed Forces during wartime, of has been honorably discharged from the Armed Forces.

Blue star Mom membership


Membership is open to mothers or stepmothers who have sons or daughters currently serving in the Armed Forces during wartime, or who have been medically or honorably discharged from the five service branches of the United States as well as National Guard, Reserve and the Merchant Marines.

"Hearts full of pride for our honorable sons and daughters"


We are moms from all branches of the military, joining together to share our pride, our devotion and our worries for our sons and daughters currently serving in the Armed Forces during wartime.

We are proud military moms from the Santa Cruz County who have teamed up to be a part of thousands of women throughout the country who belong to the Blue Star Mothers of America Inc. We are a non-profit group that offers support to fellow mothers and families of men and women who serve or have served in the military during any period of war or hostilities in which the Armed Forces may be engaged in.

Our main mission is to send care packages to military soldiers who are currently deployed and support the Armed Forces of the United States and its veterans. Through monthly meeting, we provide support for each other, share our experiences, our concerns, and our pride in our military sons and daughters.

We are an official chapter of the Blue Star Mothers of America, a group who formed during World War II.